Quite Perry angers US Comedian


November 05, 2015
File Blogger Rohan 'Quite Perry' Perry

A US-based Instagram comedian has called out popular Jamaican comedian Rohan 'Quite Perry' Perry for stealing her material.

The female comedian, whose given name is Jay'la Milan, and who goes by the Instagram name Lalasizahands89, chastised Perry for not crediting her for her skits.

In a series of now deleted posts, Milan stated that although Perry has remade her skits and used the hashtag 'remake' to show that he was not the conceptualiser, that was not enough.

"People come up with original s... every day and just because you say #remake, it ain't justified. I'm not being petty, I'm being real," she said.

Some of her followers, however, were unfazed by her posts, pointing out that all comedians draw inspiration from each other.

Milan, however, followed up with a second post

"To y'all, it's nothing honey, if he says remake, he needs to tag a name. I don't care, this ain't easy. Y'all see 15 seconds of what we do. Credit people for their material," she said.

When contacted by THE STAR, Perry stated that he did not see the posts that Milan made and therefore could not make an informed comment about it.

Perry rose to fame a few years ago as a YouTube blogger and has since been taking the Internet by storm.

In an interview with The Gleaner earlier this year, Perry stated that he was looking forward to turn his popularity into a career and is determined to build a brand for himself.

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