The Outcome starts Bamboo Man dance contest

November 06, 2015
File The Outcome

Boosted by the popularity of his breakout single, 'Bamboo Man', The Outcome has launched a competition open to all dancehall girls.

Released four weeks ago, the song has become a sensation at dances all over the Corporate Area because of its suggestive content, and the fact that it sparked a trend where buxom young ladies prance all over the dance carrying bamboo sticks and dancing the limbo to the rollicking dancehall rhythm.

Hence, the artiste has launched a series of Bamboo Man dancing contests which takes place at nightly events and lasts for at least 30 minutes. The first one kicked off last week at Sidechick Tuesday with a $10,000 cash prize.

"Sidechick Tuesday exceeded my expectations as I had anticipated a good turnout, however, the numbers were a lot more than I expected. To show how much of a success the competition was, I have had two bookings, and four different promoters have requested that the competition take place at their event," an enthusiastic Outcome said.

The next event was at DJ Ruxie's Magnum Wednesday at Payneland last night. The other event will be at Hotta Rice's Day Rave at Greenwich Farm on November 12, 2015, and the last at Foota Hype's Likkle Bit A Clothes at Two Miles, Spanish Town Road on November 29.

"Each event gets $10,000 cash for the winner, and to enter, all the girls have to do is just come out to the event. Everybody can check @theoutcome_official for all the footage," he said.

Bamboo Man is produced by The Outcome himself.

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