Honest Cat - The new viral sensation

November 11, 2015
Honest Cat

Dancehall artiste Honest Cat believes he is not too old to create an impact in music.

The artiste, who recently caught the attention of the media after his freestyle video became viral on social media, is executing a promotional campaign in Kingston and, according to his publicist Karl Durrant, he can go very far.

"Honest Cat is no ordinary cat. I believe he has the potential to rival any recording artiste right now," Durrant said.

The publicist also rubbished claims that Honest Cat, who is over 40, is merely another orchestrated rags-to-riches story, similar to Gully Bop's rise in 2014.

"Honest Cat is here to dominate dancehall, he is the real deal, raw star power with great entertainment value. There is no other like him around now. He has elements of Vybz Kartel, Ninja Man, Professor Nuts, and a rich powerful voice like Bounty Killer and Aidonia. He will light up every venue he appears at. People will make their claims because of the age similarity to Gully Bop; but where talent is concerned, don't get it twisted nor confused," Durrant told The STAR.

Honest Cat is also managed by Durrant and he is gearing up to release a slew of new singles, including Gully and Gaza, Long Tongue Darcie and Girls Roll Call. He is also working closely with Stampede Promotions to increase his buzz in the dancehall underground.

"Me deh a Highate a hold a vibe and me driver brethren name Banga bring a phone come put a me ears and seh, 'Cat, yuh buss now.' Me answer the phone and a man name Karl Durrant seh a time fi the world hear me and him a go buss me right now," Honest Cat said, explaining his overnight popularity.

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