Kurry Stain says Ryno is a coward

November 12, 2015
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Dancehall artiste Blak Ryno has responded to Justus Arison and his signed artiste Kurry Stain with a song called Traitor. This follows the release of a diss song from Kurry Stain and produced by Justus Arison titled Badmind Inna Dem, which alleged that the former Gaza artiste was disloyal.

Ryno, who controversially left Arison's JA production citing that he needed more attention to be placed on his career, rubbished Kurry Stain's allegation of disloyalty. The deejay says he is responsible for Kurry Stain's minor success recording artiste.

"Wah happen to panty stain ... sell man out fast as JA offer a expensive glass a drink. A you a di traitor and yuh a di hater. Memba sey a mi fuss did a buss yuh den yuh sell mi out to Justus, mek Justus buy yuh out wid di paper. How mu fi grudge weh mi did a buss?," Ryno said in his song.

The STAR made several unsuccessful attempts to get a follow-up comment from Blak Ryno, who is now in the United States.

However, Kurry Stain, who took note of Blak Ryno's diss song, is challenging the artiste to a lyrical face-off at this year's Sting.

"Right now, mi a challenge the coward to a clash at Sting 2015. Mi have a next song mi a go voice this week fi write off him little career," Kurry Stain told THE STAR.

Kurry Stain is also promoting singles like Smoke Weed and Fly, Belly So Flat and Sky Pree. He recently premiered the music video for Sky Pree on Onstage.

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