No early release for Buju

November 12, 2015
Buju Banton
File Buju Banton

Despite news that incarcerated entertainer Buju Banton could benefit from a newly tabled reform from the US Sentencing Commission, which could see him being released from prison as early as this weekend, THE STAR has learnt that the deejay may have to wait a while longer to see if he makes the cut.

In a recent news report from BET, the new reform came about as a direct attempt by US authorities to ease the overcrowding situation currently facing the country's prison system. The article specifically named the reggae singer as one of the persons who could have possibly benefited from an early release.

However, when the STAR contacted Rosemary Duncan, coordinator of the Buju Banton Defence Support Committee from 2011, she told THE STAR that the 'Gargamel' was not among the persons to be released in the coming weeks.

"There is no telling what these people will do, so we are hoping and praying that he is released among the others in the coming years," she said.

Banton's is scheduled to be released in February 2019.

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