Chemical X looks forward to Sting


December 08, 2015
Contributed Chemical X

Dancehall artiste Chemical X is looking forward to his debut performance on Sting 2016 at Jamworld Entertainment Centre in Portmore, St Catherine.

"The whole a Daytona a forward in fi mi show. The promotion that gwaan the other day on Wet and Wild mash the place up. Standpipe and Portmore a my place. Mi a get in a whole heap of banners for the show and ting. The support sure. The whole place a forward inna Jamworld," Chemical X said.

The dancehall young blood has been carving out a reputation for his elastic delivery and exciting live performances in recent times.

Chemical X has been bombing the airwaves into submission with his breakout hit, Wet and Wild. Voiced on an ice cream-smooth rhythm, he shows off his witty metaphors and millennial flow, serving notice that the dancehall game is about to change.

"Everybody a give me props on the song because of the lyrics and the wicked flow of the song. Gary G, ZJ Ice, ZJ Dymond a put a energy on the single. It was on all the mix-tapes in Bronx and Brooklyn," Chemical X said.

"The buzz is so good that right now, mi a pree fi do a music video to push the song right into the 2016."

Chemical X first came on to the scene with the breakout song Ghetto Quality, which earned him major props as a promising rookie. "I am ready for the next level right now," he said.

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