Star Struck goes Champions League


December 11, 2015
File Nevon 'Party Animal' Brown

Promoters from Old Harbour, Kingston and surrounding areas are expected to flock Fashion vs Bottles - the Champions League Edition, promoted by Nevon 'Party Animal' Brown and his Star Struck Family.

The party will be held at Gateway Roof in Old Harbour, St Catherine, on Saturday, December 19.

Action International Sound System will feature DJ Tony Few, Pim Pim, DJ Gallas, DJ Mammas Boy, Jhonnu Bravo, Chubroc and Team Shella. Photos will be by Mi and Mi Friend Dem, The STAR and BOJ TV. Women will enter the party free and it will be $300 for men.

Brown has been on the party scene promoting his brand.

"This is a Champions League, real big league, this not a corner league. I want patrons to push out early and enjoy the experience at my party," he said.

"We have done big parties in the past and, come December 19, in Old Harbour, it will be no different. we nuh say, friend we say family."

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