Online radio exposes new Reggae acts


December 16, 2015
Contributed Marlon Wright

New York-based online radio station 'Tun It' has proven to be a boon for upcoming

reggae and dancehall acts.

Since launched in 2011, the station has provided listeners with programming that features a heavy dosage of music from fresh new acts.

For the last four years, Tun It has helped push the careers of a number of artistes including Khalilah Rose, Jah Remz, Jamaican Carlos, Richie Innocent, Iya Ingi, Derajah and Nastic Rastafari.

"When we created the

station, we created it with a plan to provide a payola-free platform for artistes. Over the years, our listenership has grown significantly, we now have over two million listeners, worldwide, who log on daily to listen to our shows.

"We have a vast concentration of listeners in the UK, Europe, Canada and the United States. This allows us the ability to give the artistes we play a great deal of exposure in these markets," said Marlon Wright, director.

Wright has also provided additional support for artistes through his Cyberleaf production company.

"Through Cyberleaf, we have done music videos for a number of artistes including Khalilah Rose, Iya Ingi, Richie Innocent, Howard Hendricks, Derajah and Nastic Rastafari. We have also helped artistes with other promotional materials such graphic designs and CD covers."

Tun It provides 24-hour programming giving listeners shows that are hosted by DJ Culture Rock in New Zealand; DJ Ripe Breadfruit in New York; Jamaica-based DJs Mixup Barri and DJ Fya Stain, in Kingston; DJ Lexx in Montego Bay; and Howard Hendricks (Dr Worries) in Santa Cruz.

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