Deejay uses Obeah to promote career

April 26, 2016
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer D Mask Man appears to have a fixation with the 'science' world.
File D Mask Man
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer D Mask Man appears to have a fixation with the 'science' world.
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer D Mask Man appears to have a fixation with the 'science' world.

Up-and-coming dancehall artiste D Mask Man wants to project the image of a mystery man. He gives no name and keeps his face hidden, yet wants to become the next big superstar.

Though he is convinced he has the talent to take him places, D Mask Man gets regular 'baths' and potions from a spiritual healer is to keep enemies at bay in his hopes claim success as a dancehall powerhouse.

D Mask Man said he spends up to $30,000 at spiritual healers. He said he visits the 'science man' "as often as possible", going for baths whenever he gets even the slightest headache.

D Mask Man said he has been to the spiritual healer at least three times since the start of the year.


However, this fixation with the dark science world, has earned the D Mask Man the ire of many after he released a song and video, Science, apparently promoting the tabooed practice of obeah.

In the music video, the artiste is seen wearing a black mask with his headwrapped in cloth and multiple pencils protruding from under his head wrap, portraying the image of an obeah man.

Throughout the Science song, the artiste proclaims, "Science again, Science again! Anybody trouble me a oomakammakabba, ammatella, compontella, mammarella."


The music video has come under much fire since it was uploaded, with many taking offence to the strong obeah-related images.

"Have to shake me head. Some people a get from bad to worst. Me a bun fire pon dat, no sah. The Lord is my light and salvation. Bun a obeah worka," one person commented on Facebook.

However, D Mask Man told THE STAR he is not fazed by criticism.

"People who criticise me, me love dem, enuh, because me see dem criticise Usain Bolt, and see him deh now Miss Lou when she a chat di patois, dem resent it till dem affi accept it. Bob Marley with Rastafarianism, dem fight it till dem afii accept it," he said.

D Mask Man explained that he is a firm believer in spiritual healers, but does not support obeah, noting that there is a difference between the two.

"Obeah man a people weh hold down people pickney and use the money fi put down people. Spiritualists and healers are the people dem weh free you," he said.

According to D Mask Man, Science was inspired by his personal experience with the powers of spiritualists.

"The amount a miraculous things me see happening, me affi sing bout it and mek the world know," he said.

"People hold me down inna life mek me cyaa reach no weh, visa cancelled, everything just deh pan a downfall fi me. One time me follow me bredrin go a healer person, and the healer look pon me shocked and say, 'You want look bout, enuh. Wha mek dem do you so and hold you down'. Him say me need seven baths fi free up," D Mask Man claimed.

The artiste, who hails from Spanish Town, St Catherine, and resides in Exchange, St Ann, says his next move is to release more songs that people can relate to.

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