Skee Icebreak promises 'white Christmas' ... Dancer riding high after new style goes viral

December 12, 2016
Contributed Photo Skee Icebreak in performance
Contributed Photo The 'snow' Skee Icebreak uses in his dance routines
Contributed Photo Skee Icebreak showing off some of his trophies

... Dancer riding high after new style goes viral

It's been snowing at several dancehall hot spots over the last few weeks. Thanks to a new dance that has been sweeping across different events islandwide, party-goers have been 'skiing' their way to a 'white Christmas' in the tropics.

Videos of a man clad in ski gear complete with sticks and goggles, performing a dance imitating the action of skiers, have been gaining huge attention on social media.

The man is usually performing the dance with a female companion but what makes the dance unique is that the man carries his own 'snow' in a bag and sprinkles it all over himself and his partner during his performance.

THE STAR tracked down 40-year old dancer Olando Wilson, who goes by the stage name Skee Icebreak, who created the dance.

Although the dance has a comical vibe and Icebreak has no problem with persons enjoying themselves while doing it (some perhaps laughing at him, rather than with him), he explained that it is a dance that he takes seriously.

original version

He said that he has been trying to 'buss' with it since 2009.

"If dem (people) even a laugh at me a nuh nothing because mi is just a fun youth. Mi have the dance a struggle with from 2009 and nuhbody nah pay the dance no mind," he explained.

The original version was void of snow and ski gear.

"Father God say yuh affi go just do something more, so mi decide fi create likkle snow and from the first time mi do it, people love it till now," he added.

For him the dance is a complete performance, so he decided to go all out with it, including the outfit and props.

"People just love fi see me a do it (the dance). Everybody just a wait fi mi pop the snow and start ski down the whole place," he said.

He said he believes that he has finally found the dance that will give him the break he has been seeking.

"The dance just unique and different and from mi dweet, all people a Finland a dweet. People a send mi video from all bout a do di dance," he said.

Icebreak also revealed that there has been an increase in the number of persons requesting his presence at their events.

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