A Sting we a go - Mr Vegas ready for showdown with Gino Jennings

May 12, 2018
Mr Vegas
Pastor Gino Jennings

Entertainer Mr Vegas says he will be showing up to have a discussion with Pastor Gino Jennings when the controversial clergyman comes to Jamaica this month end.

Mr Vegas told The STAR that after calling out Jennings and his team for unofficially naming him as one of the persons to clash with the pastor at a religious event on the weekend of May 26-27, he received his official invite and is looking forward to the discussions.

Speaking with The STAR before receiving the official invite, Mr Vegas encouraged Jamaicans not to be tricked into going to the event as he was not asked to be part of any religious debates.

He revealed that he had no issues going head-to-head with Jennings, but expressed the need for the man of God to go about things the right way.

Now that he has received his invite, Vegas said he would be at the event set for the YMCA on May 27, and is asking anyone interested in hearing what he has to say, to come out to the event.

"Mr Vegas has never been a no-show for any event that he was advertised for, as it is not in keeping with good morals or professional business principles," part of his statement to the media read.

The statement also mentioned that: "An infringement on his (Mr Vegas') rights occurred and he could have opted to take legal actions but will withhold."

The entertainer said he is unfazed that he may be the only one to clash Jennings as the other pastors have said they will not be attending because they were not invited before being advertised.

The entertainer says being the only one will give him more time to go in on Jennings.

"A Sting we a go and the less pastor show up, the more time me have wid him. We are inviting people from all different sectors and beliefs to come out. If you're against sexism, religion that was used to oppress black people, if you're against dictatorship or if you're a Christian that wants to defend Pastor Jennings, you're invited to be part of this discussion," he said.

The entertainer, in a previous interview with The STAR, expressed that he has plenty of questions for pastors in Jamaica and would be OK with more of them inviting these types of discussions.

He said he is willing to tackle them on several issues concerning the Bible and will never back down from a good debate.

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