Performers anchor Black River Day


July 16, 2018
Businessman and radio personalty George 'GT' Taylor
George Nooks
Wayne Marshall

Vershon, Gage, Wayne Marshall, George Nooks, and Stitchie are set to headline the performance part of the sixth Black River Day - The Ultimate Street Festival, to be held on High Street in the St Elizabeth capital on Friday, July 27.

GT Taylor, assistant public relations officer for the organising committee of the Black River Day Festival, told The STAR that the event would bring much needed attention to the town and would help lift the spirits of the residents. "We continue to support and encourage commercial activity and any effort which will lift the profile of the town," he said. "Black River has so much history and promise and this street festival provides a big boost to the economy of our parish, because it attracts over 25,000 patrons each year." He said it would help to boost the town's economy, as it would bring much needed business to local entrepreneurs.


The day's activities are scheduled to get under way at 9 a.m., and include a kiddies village, to be equipped with rides and snacks. Also a health fair patrons would be able to access diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure checks.

"There will be a team of three doctors - a dermatologist, a doctor doing back-to-school checks, and a general practitioner, as well as a supervised team of medical students," said Peter Campbell, project manager of the health fair. "There will be consultations from the Diabetic Association of Jamaica, the National Health Fund, the Heart Foundation of Jamaica and commercial booths set by local sponsors to promote healthy lifestyles. Jamaica Moves will also be part of the fair and we have a stage set up where we will have an exercise session by the Sweet Energy Fitness, where the crowd can engage in physical activity."