Nesbeth stars on new rhythm


July 18, 2018

Veinless Records has struck gold with their latest release called 'Paper Route' Rhythm.

The rhythm features a rich assortment of reggae artistes such as Nesbeth, Iapure, Naptali, Nature Ellis and Daine Blaze, and made its way to retailers across the world on July 6 via Zojak World Wide.

Nesbeth, who was one of the first artistes to be voiced on the rhythm, sang the title track.

He delves into the relatable issue of 'bad mind' on the song and highlights how vicious lies are easily spread like wild fire, especially by those who envy you.

"I just loved the riddim and from the first time I heard it I knew right away that I wanted to voice and what I wanted to sing about; it was just a natural feeling," said Nesbeth.

CEO Mark Veinless also expressed his content on having Nesbeth being a part of the project.

"We wanted Nesbeth from the get-go. We found a friend who knew a friend who knew him, and that's how the connection was made. The other artistes were definitely sent by Jah, because we have a masterpiece on our hands," he said.

Veinless Records has high expectations for the Paper Route rhythm and the reception for it has been astounding so far.

Upcoming plans include an accompanying medley music video, to be released later this year.

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