Sikka Rymes hits the street with 'Braces'


July 18, 2018
Contributed Sikka Rymes

Dancehall artiste Sikka Rymes has taken a unique twist to his career in the form of a new track called Braces.

Released in June, the catchy song talks about the attractiveness of the orthodontic device.

So far, it has been receiving great reviews and an accompanying video can be expected in short order.

Explaining the concept behind the track, the singer said, "Have you ever seen a child living in a community that has a scooter and the rest of the kids would ask their parents for one, too? It's the same thing with braces; everyone wants to rock them now."

Starting his professional music journey in 2011, Sikka Rymes was a member of a group created by X Facta called Elite Squad.

The deejay describes his style of music as different and real, ensuring that his lyrics come from a real place that his listeners can always relate to.

"I deejay what I feel and it tells you about where I'm from. It shows you where I'd like to be in the future, as an international," he said.

He is known for previously released tracks such as Success, Firework, Weh Me Would A Do and Run Go Fi.

"I would like to be able to establish myself internationally, develop my label so that I can give more up-and-coming hard-working youth a chance, and give back to the two communities who raise me," he explained, referring to Rema and Waterford.

Sikka Rymes is currently working on a few new projects, the details for which he will disclose in due time.

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