STAR of the Month: Macka Diamond puts spotlight on her love life

September 30, 2019
Macka Diamond
Recording artistes, Spotlight and Macka Diamond.
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

It was seven months ago that Macka Diamond revealed that her relationship with recording artiste boyfriend was no more. But in her one-on-one with THE STAR, the dancehall entertainer said that she could not deny Spotlight another chance to shine in her life.

Macka Diamond said, “I was like don’t even call or talk to me, but he didn’t listen to me. If somebody in your life and them not going anywhere, it means something and show them determined to make the relationship work.”

For the sake of making things work, the two have limited their posts on Facebook and Instagram after persons started to call out the artistes for what seemed like a publicity stunt.

“I am not single, I can’t use that word because Spotlight and I are trying to salvage what is left of our love for each other,” she said.

She is honest in saying that everything is not good as gold.

“Certain things happen in the relationship that make it hard to pull the pieces together, but every relationship has problems, so not because people not seeing us on social media does not mean we are not trying to give it a chance and, more so, at somewhat of a private level.”

Macka Diamond said that her decision to help promote Spotlight Kunta, the artiste, via social media, opened the floodgates to an avalanches of comments about their relationship.

“Spotlight has a career in music also. I was excited to help with taking the career to another level and never saw anything wrong for us to give each other the push on social media,” she said. “If it was not for that – pursing a similar profession – maybe we would not be so public and in people’s timelines so often.”

The My Best Friend singjay still communicates with Spotlight, who she revealed calls and makes visits to her home.

“Is not like after social media we nuh hear from each other and I won’t say it is or is not working out (to me it feels positive), but if it doesn’t work out, we are still going to be friends. We are not the type of people to give up on the years of friendship we built and it is a good one.”



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