Jay RxK aiming for stardom

November 14, 2019
Jay RxK
Jay RxK
Jay RxK
Jay RxK
Jay RxK
Jay RxK

Jay RxK says he is out the gates and far ahead of the rest.

The 19-year-old up-and-coming entertainer, who is in the his final year at the University of Technology, Jamaica, is intent on becoming an international superstar as well as a sports analyst. With that in mind, he says his music is not for adults, it appeals to all age groups.

"I don't like to categorise myself, but I do dancehall and reggae. My music doesn't have any content that's explicit. I keep it clean because even with the sports journalism, I will have to be a public figure. So I have to balance through that," he said.

Well on his way towards an impressive early graduation, Jay RxK's aspirations include appearances on international radio and music channels but also as a football and sports analyst on BBC or ESPN. To get there, he'll need a second degree.

So while journalism and music may seem worlds apart, the teenager has found that one can complement the other in more ways than one. The first is money. "The master's (degree) thing tricky. I want to venture into it eventually because I [want] to do sports journalism internationally. Even though doing music is not for the money - but the passion - money can support anything. Music can help offset those expenses," he reasoned.

Jay RxK stated that journalism also helps with his songs.

"You have to read a lot and be able to come up with metaphors and other things along those lines. It helps with music. I'm lyrically inclined and my vocals are very good," he told THE STAR.

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Interesting Fact: RxK means 'Renowned Kings'. I love to sing and I can dance as well. I love to give jokes. I'm a good sportsman. And girls love me! (laughs). And I'm bilingual. Mi love Spanish!

Inspirations: Sub Zero, Ghost, Dennis Brown, and Vybz Kartel.

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