DJ Flamez enjoys being the hype man

December 12, 2019
DJ Flamezz monitors the speaker of the Rumpari mobile.
DJ Flamezz monitors the speaker of the Rumpari mobile.
DJ Flamezz says its important to do constant maintenance the tools of the trade.
DJ Flamezz can manage his own.
DJ Flamezz in the moment.
DJ Flamezz

Johvon Williams personifies the concept of ‘Rumpari’, which is the “coming together” of unique facets, and it lends itself well to the nightlife and party experience – as does this week’s Street Beatz disc jockey.

“The world knows me as Flamezz; some persons even call me ‘Wurl Flamezz’ because I am for the people. Originally, it was because I was consistently in and out, but with my new corporate opportunity, my feet have been firmly planted around the islands’ events,” the mobile disc jockey told THE STAR.

His interests in music were sparked while attending St Catherine High School in 2003 and was blessed to receive mentorship from Rebel T Sound’s veteran selector, Mad Ras.

“As a kid growing up, I watched as my dad played music as he was making furniture and actually developed a love for both of them, but the passion for music set fire to a career.”

DJ Flamezz describes working as a mobile DJ as being like superman with a purpose.

“I played alongside a lot of sound systems but learnt a lot from Mad Ras. This has been the best thing to happen for me, everything is organised,” he said.

“I have been able to employ a team with my current job; it is about a team of three individuals and everybody has their own role, and it is important, as more time we go some place all five times for one week on the road. I need help to play when I can’t manage. Still, I oversee everything and do the emcee/hype man part of the work.”

It is a par every time DJ Flamezz and his team link up, and some of the most memorable events he says happens in the Christmas time.

“December always busy enuh, working more than 20 days for the month; every year me look out for certain events. There are two events I do every year in Manchester, those always shot, like Grand Market; and with events in St Thomas, the people always come out to,” he shared.

One thing that’s hard about the ‘street beatz’ is the long hours because “my seven-year-old daughter, Johmelia, always asks if I have to go and tells me to hurry back”.

“But the work must be done so man can share the blessings. And I make sure everybody is alright, and nobody complains that I don’t deal with them good,” DJ Flamezz said.



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