Macka Diamond blasts Koffee’s critics

August 25, 2020
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

Veteran dancehall deejay Macka Diamond has come out in full support of Koffee after the sexuality of the Grammy-award winning reggae artiste was once again the topic of discussion.

TV host Ashley made a post on August 16, in which she stated, "keep yuh heart, me nuh want it ..." to which Koffee's social media handle responded, "So you na tek ee from me?" The other post, a screenshot, shows what appears to be Koffee's social media page reacting with a ring picture to a question from a female, "Can I be your wife".

That was enough to cause Koffee to start trending on social media, and selector Foota Hype, who has been questioned about his perceived obsession with Koffee's sexuality, reposted the exchanges. He has been a constant critic of Koffee's dressing, bashing her for not being feminine enough. However, Macka Diamond says that she can relate to the youngster's tomboy attire.

"I have had this conversation several times with people. Koffee is pretty young and she's in a male-dominated profession, so she could be dressing this way because that makes her feel comfortable while being around a lot of men. When I just started out in the business, I used to do the same thing when I had to go to studio, so I understand totally," Macka Diamond told THE STAR. She added that Koffee is still finding her way around and noted that many girls go through a tomboy phase, which is also natural. "I hear the critics talking all kinds of unkind things about this young girl and as a woman in the business, I feel bad when I hear it. I really don't think Koffee is gay, and if she is so what? That's her life. She is making good, wholesome music and is representing Brand Jamaica in a positive way. There are so many other things to debate about other than Koffee's sexuality," she said.

- Y.P.

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