Mr Peppa gets his ‘Money Up’

September 17, 2020
Mr Peppa (right) jokes with Vivian Thomas of P.A.Y Productions.
Mr Peppa (right) jokes with Vivian Thomas of P.A.Y Productions.

Dancehall deejay Mr Peppa, who scored a major hit with Talk more than a decade ago, has been creating a buzz with his latest release, " Money Up".

The single has been added to the playlist of several radio stations and has been popping up on dancehall mixtapes all over the island.

"I wouldn't call it a comeback," said Mr Peppa. " Money Up and another single, Boast, are both playing on the radio, and the EP is being released this month. It's a great look."

"I'm excited about where I am in my career. The last few years, I was voicing and doing my thing ,but we're in an environment nowadays where everyone asks, 'What have you done lately and who have you done it with?' I don't watch that. Presently, I'm stable; that's what's important," he said.

Vivian Thomas, CEO of Push A Yute Inc, helped Mr Peppa to craft his updated sound, which, he believes, can appeal to millenials.

"Mr Peppa is going through a rebranding. This project is a brand new opportunity to show his fans that he is a lot more versatile. He showed on this EP that he can raise the bar and come up with witty, catchy lines; deep, sometimes introspective lyrics; a lot of young people can relate to this EP," Thomas said. He added that every track is based on a real life conversation.

"It was a very organic process. It was just great chemistry; the immediacy, we lived in the moment to make it work. I have been a fan for over a decade, so I realised that Mr Peppa had never fully exploited his skill set, so this was a real opportunity to make a great body of work, and we did it," Thomas said.

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