Milk eyes comeback - Says events of 2008 still hinder her progress

February 22, 2021

Amelia 'Milk' Sewell says that she is still haunted by the events of 2008, which led to her losing her job as a media personality, and being ostracised by sections of the society.

She said that the stigma created from a leaked video of her having 'intimate relations' with ZJ Liquid, still stifle business prospects and job opportunities.

"I got over my rough patch quite some time ago, but the jobs still elude me. Finding work and people offering me work as 'Milk' is still a struggle and I had to create different avenues and different income streams to survive. Many times I have offered my services and got turned down. The events of 2008 still kinda follow me around," she said.

A former host for a popular show on CVM, Milk was separated from her job after the infamous tape was leaked. She said that things have not been the same since.

"It's high time that people forget, but they're not going to. And it's not really people who fight me innu, it's corporate Jamaica. They are very double standard and they will never forget it. It's like my talent is secondary to the 'suss'. I am the most talented producer and television host in Jamaica," Milk said.

Keen on opening her own doors, Milk revealed that she is about to launch her YouTube channel to stay close to her fans.

"I have started filming content for my channel. I haven't uploaded anything yet because I want to have a few things under my belt before I upload," she said. "If it works out, it works out. I am not looking at it like it's my daily bread, or feeling pressure to be like anyone else. It's just going to be about me. You're going to get to know the real Milk, but you're going to see me as what you're used to," she said.

Fighting to hold back tears, she said that she hoped the channel will lead to new opportunities as she uses the space to re-establish herself and remind people of the talent that initially made her popular.

"I really miss what I do. I am just tired of being here with all this creativity in my brain. Sometimes it drove me crazy at nights that I didn't have an avenue to do these things," she said, her voice crackling. "I am sure if I had joined YouTube and started doing content from 2008, I would be the first popular Jamaican YouTuber. But guess wah? Nothing happens before its time and now is my time."

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