Jahfrican is ready to create musical mayhem

June 01, 2021

After more than 10 years as a producer of hit songs, Adrian Locke is expanding his musical capabilities.

Locke is now known as recording artiste Jahfrican. Last August, he released the song Ole Friend which was produced by LockeCity Music Group.

"The inspiration behind Ole Friend really came from a lack of physical socialising during the early stages of the pandemic, (people) locked inside and really longing to see some long-time friends," said Jahfrican.

He explained that he used to sing dubplates for his selector friends, singing sound clash versions of popular Afrobeat songs for fun. But one day, legendary selector Ricky Trooper complimented him about some dubplates that he did.

"That's when I realised how serious I should be taking my talent," said Jahfrican. He said that he blends African heritage and lifestyle with Jamaican culture to produce what people call 'Afro-Dancehall'. Jahfrican has released songs including Shut Down (featuring Harry Toddler), Thank You (a tribute to workers on the COVID-19 frontline), and Bad Gyal. He said that entertainment has been in his blood for as long as he can remember.

My father was into stage production and theatre. My brothers, Steve and Andrew, both of whom I look up to immensely, have been the cornerstone of many of Jamaica's top artistes including Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer and Elephant Man, among others," he said. "But I guess the day I decided to start producing was when I first day stepped into Mikey Bennett's Grafton Studios as a kid to play percussions on Abijah's hit song Revelation. I was amazed by this process that I've always heard about, so much so that I stayed in that studio for weeks until the song was done. After that my brothers and I started and studio called Truckback Records inside a truck in the back of my family home."

As a producer, his hits include Lose a Friend by I-Octane, Click Mi Finger by Erup, and Dye Dye by Macka Diamond.

"Jamaican dancehall is more than a genre. It is a lifestyle, a culture which brings people together. Now that I'm an artiste I want to amplify this lifestyle to the world," said Jahfrican.

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