Rhemii Ice salutes the ambitious ladies

November 25, 2022
Rhemii Ice
Rhemii Ice

Recording artiste Rhemii Ice is bringing the heat with her latest single, As A Broke Bitch.

"The song is basically about being real, having fun and expressing yourself as a woman -- an ambitious one at that. It's basically telling how little a 9 to 5 can balance you in most cases and that there are other options by choice, that is if you are a person who likes to extend your capabilities," the artiste explained.

The colourful accompanying music video, which is both high-energy and comedic, has been getting great reactions from the public.

"I decided on this song choice because it's very relatable to a lot of females and is very much on point, catchy and laughable. It brings awareness to the fact that, most times, a 9 to 5 needs a few backup plans," the artiste elaborated. "The plan is to get the track globalised and definitely get the recognition that Rhemii Ice is surely deserving of."

In the game for around six years, Rhemii Ice is convinced that she is on the cusp of becoming a timeless artiste.

"My music is classy, hype, realistic, upfront, hot and very much dancehall," the artiste stated. Her past releases include Nuh Frighten, Goddess, I'll be Alright and Go Getter. Looking ahead, she has many plans for new releases in the near future.

"Great things are coming. I have more hit releases in the works and I'm going to keep working hard as usual. Expect the unexpected," the artiste revealed.

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