Razor B launches ‘Tongue Talk’

February 09, 2023
Razor B
Razor B

All the talk surrounding Razor B's provocative dancehall track Tongue has given birth to a new podcast, where the topics will vary from love, sex and relationships to the societal ills.

"Mouth mek fi talk enuh, and in dancehall, silence affects the growth of an artiste and their work. We already have established [that] if an artiste isn't criticised at some point, or if people in general don't talk about the artiste, then he or she is not relevant. Obviously, my songs have got the people's attention, with Tongue almost at 300,000 views," a self-assured Razor B told THE STAR.

Razor B, whose given name is Roger Cassup, said the podcast will feature discussions with fellow entertainers as well as influencers on topical issues. His wife, Ranjini Cassup, will also feature in the discussions.

"We will touch on topics people may not like," said the Bruk Fi Mi Bak artiste.

He said that the inclusion of his wife will add to the show's appeal, reasoning that as a couple, they have continuous and healthy discussion around sex and other issues.

Razor B shared, "Wherever, whenever, we just pull over the car and talk sex and our expectations. The podcast is not all centred on that, but just what happens in our home and in society. In the same breath, I'm a creative artiste and seeing what's happening in our culture and genre, music is the best way to express our views."

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