STAR Salute : Narval Hall, ‘Mr Claremont'

June 20, 2017
Narval Hall

Whenever educator Narval Hall steps into any forum to lobby on behalf of his community, the passion in his delivery often results in others branding him 'Mr Claremont'.

Although Hall is bashful about talking about his extensive community work, residents across Claremont say that he has been a bastion in the community where he was born and where he has spent all his life.

"I have a passion for community development, so I came back, basically, to develop the community, and I can say that to a large extent, with the help of other persons in the community, I have been successful," Hall, a Rusea's High School old boy, told the WESTERN STAR.

The sixth grade teacher has been educating students at the Claremont Primary School for more than two decades and has been instrumental in various developmental activities in the community, where he has played a major role in, among other things, collecting information to document the history of the community.

But Hall's commitment to lobbying for Claremont does not stop there. He also makes representation for community members such as persons with special needs and senior citizens.


Free Sunday morning classes


So committed is he to ensuring that the children of his community are well prepared to sit their exams, that he has, for many years, held free Sunday morning classes for students ahead of exams. In the past, he held Jamaica Adult Literacy classes, which has helped to contribute to a higher literacy rate in the community.

"After I left Sam Sharpe Teachers' College, I came straight back - and I have always been back ... . Everybody can't leave. Somebody has to stay and somebody has to develop the rural areas. And especially these children here, they need to go to high school. They need somebody to be able to help them," he said.

A member of the Claremont Upliftment Team, Hall is also one of the key persons in the planning and execution of the Claremont Reunion, which is held every four years, and which is one of the driving forces behind the drive to get potable water to the community.

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