Real Duppy Stories : Duppy knocks out stone thrower

August 30, 2017

Growing up in the country, there was no escaping the many warnings from 'grandma' as she gave us the rules to avoid disturbing the spirits of the departed.

Being young and naÔve, we of course paid no attention to warnings such as ensuring whenever we throw water outside at nights, to remember to say 'sorry', and the one that was drummed into our ears time and time again was not to throw stones at night!

I will never forget the day my cousins and I were outside playing, and then the fun shifted to us throwing stones at the big guinep tree in the yard.

The minute my cousin let loose a stone, we saw her fall to the ground.

No amount of shaking could revive her until we ran to our granny, who also lived in the yard.

She was bundled and placed on granny's bed. After dabbing her with rubbing alcohol and putting smelling salts at her nostril, she still could not be revived.

"What unno did a do?" Granny finally asked.

We told her we were just having fun throwing stones.

"Mercy fada friend. Pickney, how much time a must warn unno not to throw stones at night? See deh now, unno mek duppy box har dung!"

It was a sight to behold after that as granny took out her Bible, read a Psalm (don't ask me which one now!) and started praying.

She let loose a string of 'tongues' and then we were scared out of our wits when we heard her speaking in a commanding voice.

"Tek yuh flight and go! Leave mi granddaughter alone, she nuh belong to unno! Go!" she roared.

By this time, Granny's loud praying had attracted much attention and the little one-room she lived in was pretty much crowded as those who came in hustled for a prime view of my cousin, who was still lying motionless on the bed.

After my cousin had still not come around, Granny took up a bottle of olive oil, rubbed my cousin's forehead with it and let loose another round of tongues, and this time she wasn't playing!

Shouting her name, she told her to get up, and told the spirit to "get out in Jesus' name!"

Suddenly, my cousin got up rubbing her eyes and looking bewilderedly around her.

"Si ya chile, mek dis be this last time you fling nuh stone a night, yuh hear mi?" Granny said pointing a finger at her. My cousin, who was still looking dazed, managed to nod her head.

With all the drama and excitement over, everyone drifted away.

Well, I have to say, I became a believer from that day ... this was one child you wouldn't catch throwing any stones at night.

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