Son damages mother's phone

October 07, 2015

Son ordered to buy new phone for mother

AndrE Williams

STAR Writer

A man who destroyed his mother's cell phone because he did not want her to contact his babymother was ordered to read Ephesians 6 verse 4 and compensate her with a new phone.

Charged with malicious destruction of property is Germaine Sterling.

When the matter was called up in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, the accused pleaded guilty to the offence and gave the court an explanation.

He said, "Your honour, I did not beat up my mother. I held her off while trying to delete a number out of her phone, and during that time it mash up."


Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey asked, "Whose number was it?"

"My babymother, your honour," Sterling said.

RM Pusey said, "Oh, she was going to tell her the things. Well, no boy is going to mash up his mother's phone and force her to use a broken phone."

A bible was located and given to Sterling to sit and read Ephesians 6 verse 4.

The matter was put on pause while he sat and read the


Later in the day, the matter was revisited and Sterling told the court, in his own way, what he interpreted the verse to mean.

He was then asked to apologise to his mother and give her a hug.

"If him don't give you the new phone, come and tell me," said RM Pusey.

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