Police investigate Manchester accident

November 07, 2015

The Manchester police say they are currently investigating a motor vehicle accident that occurred in the parish Thursday which caused persons, including students, to be hospitalised.

THE STAR understands that one man remains hospitalised and is being monitored by medical experts.

Our news team understands that four students were among six persons who had to be rushed to the hospital on Thursday following the accident that occurred in Christiana.

Reports from the police are that at about 7:45 a.m, a motor car travelling in the direction of the Christiana town centre, along the Savoy main road, attempted to overtake a line of traffic and collided with a minibus transporting students and other passengers.

THE STAR gathered that the students were treated and released from hospital. However, a male passenger from the motorcar has not been discharged.

The police told our news team that the driver of the motorcar is facing charges, including dangerous driving

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