Student stabbed in head over coins

November 07, 2015

A man, who allegedly lured a student to a destination and then attacked him by using a stone to hit him and a sharp object to stab him repeatedly in his head, was further remanded yesterday.

When the matter was called up in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court, the accused 22 -year-old Brian Burke pleaded not guilty to the offence.

The court was told that no one else was at the scene of the incident except for the complainant and the accused man, who were said to be close friends.

The court heard that the attack allegedly occurred after coins belonging to the complainant's uncle went missing.

Burke told the court, "Your honour, I don't know anything about this ... I was asked to accompany him (complainant) to the police station because they wanted to beat him because he was accused of stealing from my uncle ... We went to the station and that was where I last saw him until I heard that I attacked him."

However, the complainant, who was in court dressed in school attire, refuted those claims.

"I went to his house and saw some of the coins. He told me he would take me to where the rest was and a suh we end up inna the hills and him stab mi inna mi head," the complainant said.

Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey asked the complainant if he saw any money at the location where he was taken to and he told the court that he didn't.

RM Pusey then asked Burke, "Why would your friend turn on you like that and say you did that to him?"

"I have an idea, but I'm not sure ... I don't like to call names," Burke said.

RM Pusey then told the accused that she was not convinced by his explanation, citing also that this was not his first wounding charge.

He was remanded in custody until December 2.

A fingerprint order was also made against Burke.

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