Ex-wife's boyfriend convicted of man's killing

June 13, 2016

St Andrew businessman Huey Gowdie was today convicted of manslaughter in the Home Circuit Court.

Gowdie was on trial for murder arising from the shooting death of popular businessman Shango Jackson in the upscale community of Beverly Hills, St Andrew in 2012.

Jackson was shot and killed at the Shenstone Drive home he shared with his ex-wife, who was reportedly involved in a romantic relationship with Gowdie.

Prosecutors argued that Gowdie went to the premises to with the intent to kill.

However, defence attorney argued that Jackson was shot after he attacked Gowdie and threatened to kill him.

After deliberating for nearly two hours the seven-member jury convicted Gowdie of the lesser charge.

The verdict left some of his relatives and friends in tears, among them being Jackson's ex-wife.

Valerie Neita Robertson, Gowdie's attorney, said she was "grateful its not murder."

"It was a verdict based on the lack of intention to kill," said Neita Robertson.

She also indicated that she will appeal the verdict. 

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