Police remove suspected target from Maverley

August 22, 2017
A police service vehicle on patrol in Maverley.

The police yesterday removed a man from a section of the crime-torn community of Maverley, St Andrew, as they seek to prevent further loss of lives.

The police theorise that based on intelligence, the man in their custody was the alleged target of Sunday’s deadly attack which claimed the life of 28-year-old Patricia Facey and injured two other females.

THE STAR gathered that a 15-year-old girl sustained injuries to her leg, while another woman was shot in the buttocks.

The murder is the latest in a series of deadly attacks in Maverley.

When THE STAR visited the community yesterday, investigating officers were taking statements and assuring the residents that the situation will be under control.

Residents, mostly women, expressed fear and concern.

“Dem come and see bare woman and still fire. That means nobody nuh safe. A right ya so di whole a we live. Weh di war for? Weh dem a fight over? This no mek no sense”, a woman told THE STAR.

The investigating officer told THE STAR that the police expect things to subside when the word gets out that the man is in their custody.

THE STAR understands that since the start of the year, 10 people have been murdered in Maverley.

Following Sunday's murder and shooting, residents told THE STAR that they have met with the political representative with a view to have the violence dissolved. 

The police have since been keeping a close watch on the community.

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