Henry's Soup Spot is a must-stop

January 29, 2018
Robert Campbell shows the thickness of the popular soup.
Pots of delicious soup await customers.
Robert Campbell talks about Henry's Soup Spot in Castleton Gardens.

For over 30 years Henry Soup Spot in Castleton, St Mary has been providing the best soups to customers along the popular stretch across from Castleton Gardens.

There you will find a variety of soups including goat head, red peas with cow skin and janga (crayfish), all to excite your taste buds.

Robert Campbell, who was on hand when THE STAR stopped by, said he was handling things that day for his aunt who is the operator.

“We open seven days a week, Sunday back to Sunday. To be honest sometimes every day busy. Sometime we cook all three big pots for the day," he said. "When people come a Castleton dem afi check her (aunt) is a must. People come from Kingston, Portmore, all over. People just drive fi soup and go back home. A just the soup, the best tasting. People all order it and we send it go give dem.”

The prices range from $100 to $400 and THE STAR was told that crayfish soup is a crowd favourite.

“Nuh more stop nuh deh fi crayfish soup but ya suh. And on a holiday we nuh have no hand fi sell it. Dem time deh we afi bring out the bigger pot dem,” Campbell said.

The Castleton police station is nearby and Campbell said the occupants offer much support.

“Sometime yuh hear the prisoner dem say 'yow soupie bring one soup come'. (Dem do it) All di while cause dem have one likkle hole dem can peep thru. Sometime the police same one call we and say bring a $200 soup or $100 cup come and we collect the money and come back over,” he said.

Campbell said persons love the natural setting the spot offers.

“River a run, it quiet, nobody nah trouble yuh,” he said.

He said they are up from 1 a.m. every day preparing for customers who come as early as 4 a.m. They serve up to 9 p.m.
Campbell said he and his aunt are from the area, so moving to and from home is not a problem.

He also told THE STAR that crayfish is always on the fridge because they can't afford to run out.

“We order it from the yute dem, say yuh want one 10 pound, mi just call a man and him bring it come. We always buy enough weh can keep we. Like the other day with the wul heap of rain, that bring dem down,” Campbell said.

The spot also offers fry fish, sprat, bammy, jelly coconut and juices.


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