Alleged hand breaker's bail extended


July 10, 2018

The case against a St James man who reportedly broke another man's hand during a dispute has been put off until July 30. This is to for submission of the complainant's medical report.

The accused, Stephen Gayle, is charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm. He had his bail extended by presiding parish judge Kacia Grant when his case was mentioned last Wednesday.

Although the date of the alleged incident was not disclosed, it is understood that Gayle and the complainant were involved in an altercation during which Gayle broke one of the complainant's hands.

Clerk of the court Shantalle Bannerbie told the court that the application for the complainant's medical certificate, which is to be added to the prosecution's case file, had already been made.

"I was told it would take two weeks (to be prepared)," Bannerbie told Grant.

Grant then extended Gayle's bail.

- Christopher Thomas

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