Corinaldi Primary makes a habit of winning


July 10, 2018
Corinaldi Primary netball team and their coach, Omroy Kerr.

Omroy Kerr, coach of the Corinaldi Avenue Primary School netball team, has revealed the secret behind their success in the Burger King Under-12 Netball Competition.

The school last month recorded their 12th straight championship win with a win over Flankers Primary at the Montego Bay Boys' and Girls' Club court.

"We actually get the kids from grade three and four and start training, so each year, we would have a set of students coming through that would be ready for the competition. Also, we have class competitions to choose from, so it's not that we just pick up some students when it is time for the competition," said Kerr.

The core of the Corinaldi team has been exposed to higher levels of netball as the youngsters play with adults in various parish leagues.

"When they play against the more experienced players, they learn a lot, so when it is time for them to play with their age group, it becomes easy," Kerr said.

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