Community Focus: Spicy Hill wants more investment

October 23, 2018
The current state of the Spicy Hill community square.
The Spicy Hill community centre remains closed throughout the day.

Residents of Spicy Hill feel that opportunities for education and skills-based training are closed off in their rural district.

The people explained that the community is hurting and is in serious need of reform.

They stated that this can only come by engaging the residents, particularly the young people, in educational programmes and opening doors for job opportunities in a bid to reduce poverty in the district.

"We have some whole heap a boy boy on the street them and them want something to do," Dimple Gomez told the WESTERN STAR.

"No opportunities out here for them. The only opportunity them go for is to dig out them hand middle and have it back of them ears. They need to find something to do, whether in the community or outside," she added.

Residents noted that some time ago the HEART Trust/NTA launched a skills-training initiative at the community centre, but the programme was not consistent.

"No skills training in the area and we have a lot of young people in the community," said Glexie Sawyers. "One or two times, you will hear them come and say them have something. A few people will go, but I don't see nobody say them get anything out of it," she added.

A few residents, however, noted that not all the people in the community are interested in learning or working, even when the opportunity is available to better themselves.

"Mi all a go down the road and them a say mi must left off a thing. A no all the while I can stretch mi hand so. So they need to find something and do. We have a community centre, but nutn nah gwaan down there. We need a change," one man said.

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