Senior cop 'daggers' women at party

November 06, 2018
In this file 2017 photo, this reveler was seen dancing on this policeman.

Policemen who choose to dance with revellers at events are doing so at their own risk, as the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has reiterated its stance on how police personnel should conduct themselves.

This comes as another policeman is again in the spotlight after a video surfaced on the weekend, showing the lawman 'daggering' two females at once.

The officer, attired in full khaki and appears to be at the rank of an inspector or above, did not shy away from dancing up a storm, as he was being influenced by the loud cheers and the commanding selector who fuelled the apparent showdown.

In the 34-second amateur video, the policeman is seen talking to a male friend at the event when he is surprised by a female dancer.

The policeman readily engages with the first female to the amusement of the selector, who cheered him on while pumping the music.




To the surprise of the officer, a second female dancer joined them. She jumped on the back of the first dancer, while the policeman balances both females.

THE STAR could not determine when or where the event took place, however, social media users assumed it to be somewhere in the Corporate Area at one of the weekly events.

Assistant Superintendent Dahlia Garrick, while not speaking specifically to the video in question, said that officers who act contrary to the rules and regulations of the JCF may face consequences for their actions.

"Members are always expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Anything that contradicts the force's rules and regulations can be seen as a breach of order and discipline," she said.

When asked by THE STAR if such a move (dancing in uniform with revellers) had severe repercussions, Garrick said: "Such a matter is definitely fit for administrative review and action. The administration would investigate to determine the breach and necessary punishment for the breach."

In previous instances, the police have asked revellers to desist from gyrating on officers who are on duty.

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