Mother stressed out over missing 17-year-old

November 26, 2018
Shelly-Ann Dixon


Annette Green spent most of yesterday looking up the pathway from her house in Portmore to see if her 17-year-old daughter Shelly-Ann Dixon would turn up.

She has not been seen or heard from since last Thursday.

Green told THE STAR: "I don't hear nothing at all. I just keep looking up the pathway if I see her coming or if anybody coming to me to tell mi anything. I just want to know if she is ok."

Green said she left Shelly-Ann in the bed last Thursday because somebody called and told her that school would not be in session.

"When I came back Thursday evening, I did not see her. Her sister told me that she bathe and leave without saying where she was going," she said.

THE STAR was told that Dixon is a student at the International University of the Caribbean.

The Greater Portmore police said that a missing person report was filed on Saturday.




Green told our news team that it was unlike her daughter to go missing or to wander.

She said: "From school to home and from home to school. I called two of her friends who I know and they say they haven't seen or heard from her. I put it out on Facebook and still nothing yet. She has a disability; one of her foot smaller than the other, so she walks with a limp and she also wears glasses."

Green told THE STAR that the situation has taken a toll on her.

"It a stress mi out bad, it a get to me. The amount of people I see go missing on TV. When I call her phone, it goes straight to voicemail. Mi just want to know if she alive. If she nuh alive, mi just want her body so I can give her a funeral."

She told THE STAR that her daughter is loved and the family is very concerned.

"Anyone who knows her whereabouts call us, call the police. Her family loves her and we are looking for her. I want to see her," Green said.

Anyone knowing Shelly-Ann's whereabouts can contact Green at (876) 468-5290

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