Overseas job hunters scammed

November 28, 2018

An overseas employment company is under fire from several persons who have paid in excess of $150,000 to gain jobs since November 2017, but are yet to board a flight.

One of the victims, Diana Walker, is adamant that she will not give up until she is fully refunded.

She told THE STAR: "I just need my money. It has been months. I have my receipts. I have the contracts and everything on my phone. It's about 80 persons I was told. I have contacts for about 10 of them who are faced with the same issue."

Walker sought the opportunity to travel to the US for work after she was introduced to the programme through a school she was attending to become certified in housekeeping.

"Is not like I just took up my money and paid to any and anybody. I was introduced to the programme by the operator of the school, who told us that the company was the branch responsible for getting persons to go to America," Walker said.


'Bare runaround'


She told THE STAR that she paid $150,000 in January to depart in February. However, she has not even been to the airport.

Walker said: "There were two batches, one was to leave December 2017, and February 2018 for job opportunity in Las Vegas. I chose February. But all now the ones for December don't leave, much less us. Is just bare runaround. They said they gonna refund and all now."

Walker said she took the matter to the Fraud Squad.

"When I went to the Fraud Squad they said they were contacted by one of the directors of the programme, who told them that he is in the process of securing refunds to pay back the people. So they said they can't do nothing," she said.

When our news team contacted the Fraud Squad, checks were being made to locate any official report against the company in question.

Walker said she has taken steps to stay on top of the matter.

She said: "I have since reached out to persons I see comment on the matter on Facebook or on the school's page about the same thing. I started to link with them. I was trying to build a network to see if I could get back my money."

When our news team contacted one of the organisers, he asked THE STAR to call him back after hearing our queries about the alleged work scam.

Subsequent calls went to voicemail.

THE STAR checked with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security's website, where a list is provided of registered local and overseas employment agencies.

The company who Walker and others said collected their money is not on the list, which was last revised in October.

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