Can you help Anna-Kaye Campbell?

August 13, 2019
Anna-Kaye Campbell
Anna-Kaye Campbell

Anna-Kaye Campbell has been travelling a hard road for over a year, with the crosses she bears getting heavier between medical woes, alleged abandonment by relatives, and living in a hospital room with nowhere else to go.

Campbell, a 29-year-old diabetic of Ramble, Hanover, who also suffers from interstitial lung disease, told WESTERN STAR how her troubles began in June when she was discharged from the Savanna-la-Mar Public Hospital in Westmoreland, after being admitted there in 2018 for breathing problems.

"I spent one year in Savanna-la-Mar Hospital, and I got home in June this year. It's three years now mi deh pon the oxygen, and in and out of hospital, and it was me and my sister and her husband living together at the time," said Campbell.

Campbell claimed she was taken out of the house and taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where has has been a social patient.

She said efforts to find other accommodations have been unsuccessful.

"I really want some help, even to build a plyboard house so I can come out of the hospital," she said.

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