Woman fears ‘dry weather house’ won’t manage hurricane season

June 11, 2020
Contributed Photos Natalie Chambers
Chambers’ home in St Thomas.

Golden Grove, St Thomas resident Natalie Chambers is in dire need of assistance to complete her house before the hurricane season becomes active.

Though she does have a home, she expressed that her current living condition has become rather unbearable.

“The condition of the place I’m living now stay bad. Is a board house me live in and the top of it rotting off. All when rain a fall it a leak. It’s like a dry weather house me live in because almost everywhere a leak. All when it rain, all in a the kitchen a wet up,” she said.

The hurricane season stretches from June 1 to November 30, and Chambers is hoping she can at least have a sturdier place in case a disaster strikes.

“I’m so scared that if a hurricane come I won’t have anywhere to live because all the zinc on the house rotten and the house not strong,” she said. “Me just want to put at least a roof on one of the room in my house so me know say if disaster come me have something over me head.”

The place she now occupies is rented, and her bills have been piling up.

“It is very difficult because sometimes light bill come and everything pile up and me not working. Me use to work a Golden Grove Sugar Factory and me stop work from about 2017,” she said.

The 27-year-old expressed that it has not been easy to survive, especially being without an income.

“Me did a try get work still but the work deh far in Kingston and me nuh really have no qualification to get any office work, so me just depend on the little I have. My husband do little barbering but because it is a small community, and nothing nah really gwan, things get extremely rough on us,” she said.


For years, Chambers has been trying to complete her house but things never worked in her favour.

“I’ve been trying to make my house for five years but things rough on me so it can’t done. It reach a good place still but me have me little 12-year-old daughter starting high school in September, so me want a comfortable spot for her because she getting big,” she said.

Chambers is clinging to hope that she will have a proper home to combat the hurricane season and provide a safe haven for her daughter.

“I am very grateful to anyone who want to help me because me could have at least one room to know say if disaster come, me have something over me head, and I just want my daughter to be safe. I just want to buy some steel, cement and stuff to work on it,” she said.

Persons interested in helping may make donations to:

Richard Williams 
JN Morant Bay Branch
Account #: 2094291205


Contact: Natalie Chambers
Tel.: 876 345 2630

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