Mom says name mix-up caused PEP placing

July 03, 2020
Tenisha Brown
Tenisha Brown

An outraged Tenisha Brown is on a quest to get answers for her child, after what she is calling Primary Exit Profile (PEP) 'name confusion'.

Brown said the issue started in 2018 when her daughter, Akeelah Sutherland, sat the Grade Four Literacy exams.

"When she go there, she realise say the exam come in her other sister name (Shakeal Sutherland) who was graduating at the time. She went to the lady that was monitoring the PEP and she tell her to do it same way; she will correct the name," Brown told THE WEEKEND STAR.

She thought all was well but after receiving the assessment of Akeelah's grades from the recent PEP results, Brown realised that the Grade Four sectional score was missing for the child, who has been placed at Denham Town High School. Gordon is not pleased.

"A Denham Town them send her and that is not a 'pass school', it is a placement school, and them a say because she nuh master everything them have to place her there. If the lady did correct the paper from first, she would get better marks and a better school," she said. "Me went to ministry and them send me to Caenwood, that is where the PEP mark. The lady up there give me a print out, but she say she not going to change the school so them a tell me fi go look school and me nuh know where fi go."

Brown is furious that her daughter is affected by something that was not her fault.

"A nuh my problem. This is between the school and ministry. Now me affi a look school and everywhere me go, them a tell me how much money to fill out form and it is not a must say them take her. So me goodly walk the whole time and nuh find a school and that a just money me a spend that I don't have," she said. "Me is a mother of seven and a me alone response fi them so me nuh have it to waste."

Brown, who lived in Denham Town for a few years, says she does not believe Akeelah would thrive if she had to attend school there.

When THE WEEKEND STAR reached out to acting Chief Education Officer in the Education Ministry, Dr Kasan Troupe, she said that there is an established link for queries, but "this was not sent to us".

"Whatever concerns our parents have, our team members are prepared to assist. We have had issues worked out within minutes of an officer sitting and dialoguing with parents," said Troupe.

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