First-time mother denied Christmas gift after baby dies

December 02, 2020

An anxious, excited first-time mother was left devastated after her baby, with whom she had developed a relationship for nine months, died in her womb.

The disheartened Amnesha Brown, 25, told THE STAR that her son, who she would have met yesterday, was her gift for the season.

"I was looking forward to spending my first Christmas with him and my family was excited," she said, as tears welled up in her eyes. "Now is like I'm going home empty and being in the hospital me hear everybody baby a cry but mine is not here."

Something was off

Brown revealed that she realised something was off, as she could no longer feel her baby's movements.

"When I went to do my regular check-up last week Wednesday, I realised I wasn't feeling any movement and I told the doctor and he checked me and sent me home," she said. "So I figured everything was good, but my belly just felt stiff and I was in a lot of pain so I decided to go back late Thursday and they admitted me which would now be Friday and I did an ultrasound and they found out his heart was not beating." Having received such tragic news, Brown and her extended family were plunged into mourning.

"Me family and everybody cried so much because we were making plans for him, right now me can't cry anymore," she told THE STAR. "Right now it just traumatise me every time me think about it and when me go in the suitcase and see him clothes them me just feel dead inside." Brown has been left with more questions than answers.

"Sometimes me just find myself a look up in the ceiling and wonder why this must happen to me," she said. "He was my first child and I tried to do everything right. I can't see through this and why all of this must happen to me." It has also been a tough time for her mother, as the baby would have been her first grandchild.

"Right now my mother is taking it harder than me because she is not eating, she was really looking forward to meeting her grandson," Brown said.

The cause of the baby's death is not yet known, which doesn't help Brown find any kind of closure.

"Them say his body is decomposing so they can't really do the autopsy to find out what went wrong," she said. "But I really wanted to know more, but it seems at this point nothing can be done and I just can't get back my baby no matter what I do."

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