University student locked up for stealing cellphone

October 22, 2021

A man who said that he was a university student confessed to being a phone snatcher when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Thursday.

Travis Skervin, 20, pleaded guilty to larceny from the person. He said that he committed the offence out of frustration.

The court heard that the complainant was walking in the vicinity of the Family Court in downtown Kingston when Skervin snatched her phone. He was spotted by a district constable who collared him and took him to the police station.

While at the station, the phone rang and the complainant said it was her phone. Skervin told Senior Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague why he stole the phone.

"Miss, all of this came out of frustration. I am a student at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean and I finished four semesters already to get my associate's degree, but it's just that I get notified that I have three outstanding courses from October 11 to the ending of December. It's just that I was frustrated and I didn't have nowhere to turn and I go out by town and I see the lady and under the frustration, I just grab the phone. I'm just saying that I am sorry. It's the first time something like this happened to me. I actually think about it after I leave the station and I see that it is not lucrative," Skervin told the senior judge.

Cole-Montague said she was particularly skeptical of the offence and cautioned that she is not comfortable with releasing him, especially at this time of year.

A social enquiry report was requested by the judge and a fingerprint order was imposed. Skervin was remanded in custody until December 20, when he returns for sentencing.

- T.T.

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