Molly dealer wants ganja clampdown

October 07, 2022

A Corporate Area Molly dealer wants the Government to clamp down on the smoking of ganja even as there are plans to strengthen the laws affecting the sale and use of the party drug.

Jack* suggested that the Government is being hypocritical as ganja has similar effects to Molly.

"In fact, ganja is more addictive because it is more affordable. Molly is a party drug and is not something that you are going to take every day because no one will party every day. Plus I sell my pill for $3,000 so people are not going to fork out 3Gs every day to buy a Molly so they won't get addicted," he said.

Jack, who said he sells more than a dozen Molly pills weekly, said that the drug is mostly in demand during weekends and public holidays, like the upcoming Heroes Weekend.

"All a the other big party dem weh keep, a dem time mi sell hard or if a man or girl and dem friend a do road dem link up," he said.

Jack, who began selling Molly a little more than a year ago, said he was introduced to it by his dealer after he went to purchase Viagra.

"I know a lot of persons who wanted it (Molly) so I took from him and sell back to those persons. Females are the ones who mostly buy it because it make them get loose. It make the female dem act free. Suh if dem a go party and want to have some sexual fun afterwards, dem will take it. It's almost like burning weed but sometimes yuh don't get high, yuh will more wah sleep or get hungry," he said.

Jack said his clients are from all walks of life and are as young as 18. He said Molly comes in different forms including pills and capsules. While he believes that the drug is quite harmless when instructions are followed thoroughly, he admitted the side effects can be deadly.

"Mi nuh recommend nuh form of party or sex drug to anyone with high blood pressure because it can make yuh heart race especially if yuh take more than the required dosage. One of the main side effect of Molly is that it gives headaches and mi always tell dem to drink lots of water. It don't go good with alcohol but because it is a party drug, a it people a go mix it with. If yuh weak heart, don't take it," the dealer warned.

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