Wolfe still angry at Portmore United

April 08, 2016
@Normal:Humble Lion's Wolry Wolfe (left) and Francois Swaby celebrate a goal against Boys' Town in their Red Stripe Premier League encounter at the Barbican playfield on January 14. Humble Lion won 3-1.

Humble Lion's veteran midfielder, Wolry Wolfe, still holds a grudge against Portmore United after his team lost points in the boardroom for using an ineligible player in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) third-round game in January.

Wolfe believes the decision delayed their semi-final qualification.

The Clarendon team cemented the final play-off spot after a 2-0 win against Rivoli United in the last preliminary round match on Sunday.

On January 24, Humble Lion edged Portmore 1-0, but was found guilty of using an ineligible player. Ricardo Dennis, who represented Portmore, is still a Portmore player.

In two other games between the clubs, Portmore won and there was a draw meaning Humble Lion is yet to beat Portmore this season.

The teams will meet in a two-way semi-final starting with the first leg this Sunday at Effortville Community Centre in May Pen at 3:30 p.m.

"I think the team did nothing wrong," Wolfe, who won two national titles as a Portmore player told STAR Sports during a RSPL press conference yesterday at Red Stripe Lounge.

"What happened will certainly serve as motivation for the team. The focus is now on winning the title," he added.

Humble Lion has the best winning record entering the last four, with four consecutive victories.

Wolfe says whether fighting relegation or going for a semi-final,33the team always comes good in the third round.marc

"I think that Humble Lion always finds a way. We have a lot of influence on the other players in the team. If each player gives a 150 per cent, we will be good," Wolfe added.

He also believes that his team is feared.

"Even though we finished fourth, we know the teams fear us. No team wanted us in the last four," he said

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