FISU netball experience invalauble for national players - Myers

July 21, 2016

Head of Jamaica's delegation to the second FISU World University Netball Championships, Dalton Myers, believes the exposure gained by the local players who finished runner-up in the recent competition in Florida will be invaluable, as they look ahead to other international competition later this year.

The Jamaicans were defeated by South Africa 43-39 in Sunday's final at the St Thomas University in Miami Gardens.

The Jamaicans won all their other games, defeating Australia 42-38; England 79-24; Uganda 53-30; and the United States of America 98-9.

"I think it was good experience, overall. It was a tough competition, like so many netball championships across the world, and making it to the final was so exciting for them; but we came up against a very good South Africa team," Myers told STAR Sports.

Myers noted that due to visa issues, the Jamaican contingent was forced to travel with only 10 players while most other teams had 12.

"Some girls didn't get visas at the time and even when we tried to get replacements for them, it was difficult to get them at the last minute. We tried to get replacements after that, but it ended up that we had 10 players and we were still quite confident, even with the 10 players," he added.

"The competition was good and I think two more players would have been beneficial. The girls really worked well and I think there were a lot of issues that we tried to work out," he said.

The Jamaicans have been working out in training since the Intercol netball competition ended last November, Myers said, and as such, had several months to unite despite the fact that the players were drawn from several university teams including the University of the West Indies, The Mico University College, G.C. Foster College and the University of Technology.

The final squad of 10 was chosen from an initial training squad of 30.

"We assembled the girls and all the tertiary institutions worked together to get them to training and rehydration. Netball Jamaica also facilitated some of the training players," he said.

The national players in the squad will now be looking towards the Fast 5 Series and several other high-level events later this year, and Myers believes the experiences in Florida bodes well for them then.

"There was high-level competition and preparation and participation in these games. They got to experience the new rules in netball, and it was a good experience," he said.

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