Anderson still hurt about ouster from JOA

May 12, 2017
@Normal:Mike Fennell

Don Anderson has described as "emotional" and "very painful" his ouster from the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) four years ago, which he referred to as a "sleight of hand".

"There has not been a more disappointing, painful experience. It's something that has been very difficult to accept," he told STAR Sports.

Anderson was set to replace president Mike Fennell who, it was understood, would not seek re-election for the post he had held since 1979.

However, Anderson said though he and Fennell had discussed his taking over, Fennell changed his mind without communicating that decision to him. There was eventually no election and Fennell was returned unopposed.

"When I reflect on the manner of my separation from the JOA, I see it as the single most disappointing aspect of my entire sporting life, which spans 40 years in administration," Anderson said.




He added that while he is still cordial with Fennell, other friendships within the fraternity had been "severed".

"It's a very emotional issue for me. From the situation where I understood I was going to be given the opportunity after 32 years of committed loyal service to the Olympic fraternity locally and overseas, to find myself undermined and virtually pushed out of the Olympic movement by a sleight of hand, that has left me a little disconnected from the JOA's fraternity," Anderson explained.

The wounds have been reopened now as Fennell is set to step down from the JOA presidency next month and has said he will not be seeking re-election after 40 years at the helm.

Anderson said that he had not returned to the JOA's office since.

"One of the reasons that I have not been to the office is because I have not been made to feel welcome, there and anything I'm saying could be substantiated," he added.

"To have spent half your lifetime working for the good of your country and the Olympic movement and in one move to be catapulted out, It's going to be a heavy void," said Anderson.

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