Wrong bong, Jamaica! - Former INF director blasts country over rankings calculation error

August 11, 2017


A former director of the International Netball Federation, Annett Beckett said that Netball Jamaica (NJ) was erroneous in the way they applied a world rankings formula which led to the country's withdrawal from the Senior Caribbean Netball Championships which were scheduled for St Lucia later this month.

Jamaica withdraw from the competition saying that by their calculations, the country would have lost ratings points if they participated against lesser ranked teams such as Grenada, St. Lucia, and Barbados.

"... Participation would result in a loss of five rating points. Jamaica currently has a world ranking of fourth which is based on a rating of 149. The country that is ranked third has a rating of 159, whilst the fifth ranked has attained a rating of 137" a release from Netball Jamaica said.

However, yesterday, an upset Beckett told STAR Sports that the way NJ calculated the formula was wrong, and more, they were told as much before they withdrew from the competition.


Straight forward


"Jamaica did it all wrong. They got the whole formula wrong. What upsets people like me is that they were told. They were told that initially that it was wrong. That you cannot win and lose so if you are doing anything when you finish with it you are losing, what you are doing is wrong. I don't why they carried it on like that," Beckett told STAR Sports.

The Bajan added that she was a member of the then-International Federation of Netball Associations board which implemented the rankings system in 2007.

"The formula is quite straight forward. If you win a game you get 50 points to what is there already. If you lose a game you lose 50 points. The second point is when you win a game, your opponent's rating points are also added on. In cases when the difference is 40 points or less you assume in those cases that your opponent has less than 40 points

Using Grenada as an example she explained: "Grenada has 35 points, Jamaica 149; you take 40 away from the 149 of Jamaica and you get 109. That 109 is added to the 50 points that you get for winning, so you 2684 to 50 to 109 and then divide by the number of games," she said.

STAR Sports calculated the average to be 149.6.

"That's 150. So that is more," said Beckett, adding that the situationw as embarrassing.

"I am concerned because the president of the international federation is from Jamaica. She is from this region. Jamaica is rated fourth in the world and you don't know how the rankings are the ratings are done and not only that you don't know, you continue to insist that something is wrong with the system and therefore other countries in the world are questioning the system."

Meanwhile, NJ issued a release yesterday, apologising for the "misinterpretations" and said the association's fears had been alleviated.

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