Bolt back in training...for football

February 21, 2018
Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt (left) plays a mini football match against Argentina international Dario Benedetto during a promotional event in Mexico City in 2015.


Usain Bolt will start training with Harbour View today, hoping to make the cut as a centre forward when he goes on trial at German Bundesliga Club, Borrusia Dortmund.

The world's fastest-ever man said he considers himself a winger but has been advised that a centre-forward role would suit him better.

"'Bibi' Gardner, the former national player, and coach at Harbour View, is gonna help me to get into shape. Since I have retired, I haven't done much work, so for me it's all about getting in shape and just to getting fit.

"My aim was to play on the wing, but talking to 'Bibi' and other coaches, they say with my height and speed, I would do better centrally. It doesn't matter, as long as I am part of a good team," said Bolt.




The sprint icon is confident of making it as a professional footballer and creating a similar impact like he did in track and field.

"If it (trial) works out, it is just to do my best and to win as many trophies and try to make the country proud, like I did in track and field. If I prepare right, I have no doubt in my mind," he said..

Bolt has worked out with South African club Mamelodi Sundown. He admittedly has a few things to sharpen up on but believes he will get the job done.

"A little bit of technical skill and that is why I am working with 'Bibi' to help me. I am always confident. I do not do things if I am not confident. I just have to prepare myself, train and get myself in the best shape possible," he said.


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