Every MBU game is a final – Gama

February 21, 2019
Ian Allen
Montego Bay United head coach Luciano Gama.
Ian Allen Montego Bay United head coach Luciano Gama.

Montego Bay United's Brazilian coach, Luciano Gama, said saving the club from relegation with six matches to go will be difficult, but he believes that if they play with more confidence, they stand a good chance of taking three points from each of their remaining matches.

Gama has taken a point each from his two games to date, which, he admitted, has not been enough. As a result, he says the six remaining matches will all be like finals to them.

"The (relegation) situation is normal in football," he told STAR Sports. "Sometimes you try a decision with a group and that does not work, so you must try do something to change the rythym of the team, the system of practice, and see if the guys will react. We try (to get a ) reaction, but to get the team out of the situation is very difficult."

However, Gama has seen an improvement and he knows the quality he has and expects a much better result against Cavalier FC on Sunday.

"We need a lot of things, but we improved again (in their 1-1 draw with Humble Lion on Sunday). We need a little more confidence to play a little bit more, but we have the condition and we have players here that have the collective. (We have) the quality to put more balls on the ground and bring the ball in the attack in better condition.

"One point is not what we needed, the three points is very important to us. Now we don't get (three points), but we are going to work hard and try to find that (win) for the next final, next weekend," he said.

MoBay are bottom of the Red Stripe Premier League with 21 points after 27 matches. Gama was Jamaica's Under-20 men's team coach during the Concacaf qualifiers in 2012-2013.

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