My wife practised too much obeah

September 09, 2016

Dear Pastor

I was married to a Jamaican woman, but was forced to leave her because she believed in, and practised, obeah.

I liked to wear certain colours and my wife would tell me not to wear these colours because spirits will follow me.

I missed certain pieces of clothes and found out that my wife had taken them to an obeah woman, who told her what she should do with them to protect her marriage.

She buries vials of stuff in the yard. She believed in speaking to spirits. Even in the house she has a special corner where she would go and talk to the spirits, and sometimes her eyes look wild. I could not deal with her.

One time, she told me that one of her sisters was obeahing her. I asked her why her sister would obeah her and she said it was to get me. I could not believe it.

Every evening it my wife burns incense to keep bad spirits away from the house. She also burned it over the bed we sleep in. She did not work.

When I started to discuss these things with her and told her if she doesn't stop going to the obeah man I will divorce her, she challenged me and said she will destroy me because what she deals with is stronger than anything I can do.

We are not together again and I call her my ex, but we are not officially divorced. I have two children with another woman and they are in college. I don't want anything to happen to me and my children suffer as a result. That is why I have not filed for the divorce.

My lawyer told me I could do it and she could not stop me. I am going to wait until my children are through with their studies.

I have a girlfriend, but my wife doesn't know about her. If she knew about her, she would take her name to the obeah man and try to hurt her.

This woman has used so much money to hold me, if I had all that money, I could have bought the whole of Jamaica. Keep up your good work.



Dear A.B.,

It seems to me that you are scared of your wife. Nothing is going to happen to you. Your wife is indeed wasting her money.

Some incense carry a lovely fragrance and they are good ones, but some people use incense to drive away evil spirits, etc, and that is a waste of money.

This burying of vials around your house is nonsense. These things will not protect you or her from danger.

However, many people believe that they (the vials) can protect them or keep away the evil spirits from them. At the risk of being called foolish, I dare say that you have married the wrong woman. She has not done anything to make your marriage a success. I am sure your lawyer would guide you.

I wish you well.


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